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The Real MacGuffins are a London-based comedy sketch trio; Dan March, Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan in alphabetical order (not importance…well…actually, yes that too). One’s taller, one’s shorter and one’s more bearded.

They got together in October 2008 and have performed regularly in London ever since.  With their own “Skitsophrenia” each month, guest spots at comedy nights and various radio appearances to their name, The Real MacGuffins are becoming an established feature on the comedy landscape.

They appeared in BBC’S “Bleak Old Shop of Stuff”, alongside Stephen Fry and in Flora idents either side of ITV’s drama output! They have also written for “That Mitchell and Webb Show”.

They have taken three highly acclaimed shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, directed by Cal McCrystal, and are currently in development with producers for both radio and television series…

They developed and toured a new show, “Instructions for American Servicemen In Britain”, which culminated in a run at the Jermyn Street Theatre and then Off Broadway in 2019!