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Oliver Kindeberg and Matt Zeqiri​ are award-winning writer-performers.

They are broadcast TV writers and have had several sitcoms optioned by major production companies. They wrote the award-winning short films “Wavelengths”​, and “Inheritance”, and in 2015 their play “Man of the Moment” won Best Play at the Fourplay Theatre Festival in Paris. Their first full-length play, “Play Time”, sold out performances in London and Paris and won critical praise on a 2017 UK tour.

Their 2018 Edinburgh sketch show, “Dads!”,  was a hilarious showcase of both their writing and their performing.

Matt lives in North Wales and enjoys country life, going on long walks at the weekend with his partner and son. Oliver is a minuscule homunculus living inside Matt’s brain and controlling him with a system of tiny pulleys and levers, a wretched existence from which he can never escape until he has forced Matt to perform an unspecified diabolical act.