Ollie Kindeberg featured in BBC Radio’s The Skewer

Ollie’s writing featured at the beginning of eps 5 & 6 of this highly rated and innovative show. Episode 5 can be heard here and Episode 6 here!!!

Rich Keeble Zoom Chats…

new series starts today with our very own Ben Green!

more from Nerine… my favourite yet…!

We’re all finding new places to work these days…

Matt Zeqiri is no exception!


Here’s Sadie the Roller Skater Motivator…

Get moving with our fabulous Sadie (or Nerine Skinner)

Fancy being lured to your death…?

Our Kirsty tries her best…!

Self Storage, written by Tom Collinson

is currently txing on Radio 4 Extra – episode 2 airs on Sunday… and you can listen to it here

Who’s tired now…

Ben Green’s been busy, no wonder he’s yawning – another brilliant short vid…

Rich Keeble – voice news

Rich is the new voice of Pedigree Jumbone!

He’s also the voice of Archie the pug in these Voltarol ads:

and on 25th June:

Zombie Army: Fortress of the Dead is released. Written by Chris Roberson, narrated by me.

Available on Audible: https://adbl.co/2zW5BmX

Sunday Service

Dan March features in this lovely short… The perils of facetime…!!!