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Rich’s first appearance on TV was in Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show on BBC3 in 2010, interviewing Simon Brodkin’s Jason Bent character. Since then he’s regularly starred in sketches on Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular (Channel 4), Dom Joly’s Fool Britannia(ITV), popped up in the Feeling Nuts Comedy Night (Channel 4) with Angelos Epithemiou and been in Birds of a Feather (ITV), directed by BAFTA winner Nick Wood (watched by nearly 8 million viewers you know).

More recently he appeared in Green Wing creator Victoria Pile’s prime time sitcom The Delivery Man (ITV) with Darren Boyd, Paddy McGuiness and Aisling Bea. He also starred in the first of a series of comic adverts for McDonald’s and was in a recurring ident on the BBC (the one with the panda) that was also directed by Victoria Pile. You should see him popping up in the Lidl Christmas advert later this year and voicing ads for Property Partnerand Carphone Warehouse.

Rich has also appeared in semi-scripted teaser for E4, The Lovebomb, directed by Made in Chelsea’s John Pereira, and played the lead in a sitcom pilot called Rules of Life which was being shopped around by by Catherine Bailey Productions (Life of Riley, Quick Cuts).

Rich co-writes his own online show Rich Keeble Vanity Project (see watch page) and the award winning All in the Method with Luke Kaile, as well as The Kaile & Keeble/Keeble & Kaile Sketch Show. He has also been a regular in Hunka Wunda, an online sketch show written by David Bussell, Matthew Stott and Madeleine Brettingham (IT Crowd, Mitchell & Webb) and also featuring comedy circuit familiar faces Mark Davison (Mr Susie), Kathryn Bond (That Pair), Jayde Adams (Funny Women winner 2014), Holly Burn, Ali Brice and more.

Rich sometimes does stand up, performing a sketch and stand up show at Edinburgh last year with Luke Kaile (Kaile, Keeble & Kuntz), and does two podcasts – Rich Keeble Vanity Podcast, and Backgammon on the Toilet.

Rich also wrote a comedy short film A Slightly Exaggerated Reenactment of a Voicemail I Never Actually Left for Tom Lenk, and has done some “serious” acting in indie features like the award-winning Eva’s Diamond, The Addicted (retitled “Rehab” in the U.S.) andM.O.N.E.Y starring Wil Johnson. He was in a play once as real life double agent Donald MacLean in A Morning with Guy Burgess at the Courtyard Theatre, London, which was featured on the BBC Review Show.

He’s also done voiceovers for adverts, corporate training videos, educational animations and a documentary about cottaging.


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