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Oliver Neck​ and Matt Zeqiri​ are award-winning writer-performers. They are broadcast TV writers and have had several sitcoms optioned by major production companies. They wrote the award-winning short films “Wavelengths”​, and “Inheritance”, and in 2015 their play “Man of the Moment” won Best Play at the Fourplay Theatre Festival in Paris. Their first full-length play, “Play Time”, sold out performances in London and Paris and won critical praise on a 2017 UK tour. Current projects include TV sitcoms “Stranded” for Objective Productions and “Dummy” for the BBC, and a new play about fatherhood.

Matt lives in North Wales and enjoys country life, going on long walks at the weekend with his partner and son. Oliver is a minuscule homunculus living inside Matt’s brain and controlling him with a system of tiny pulleys and levers, a wretched existence from which he can never escape until he has forced Matt to perform an unspecified diabolical act.