New year, new client, new showreel….

Tom Collinson is a talented writer and director. See more about him on his page but in the meantime, here’s his showreel… 

New Year New Showreel

First in a series, Jo Burke, has updated her showreel and she’s looking great….

go to her page for more of an update!

Sydney Stevenson

Sydney is also busy – opening in Welwyn Garden City’s Aladdin panto extravaganza as ‘Slave of the Ring’ (tickets here)

And watch her in Turtle Canyon Media’s

Rich Keeble

Through the Keyhole tonight – can you spot Rich amongst the innuendo…?!! If you missed him there, watch him in this short by Turtle Canyon Media – Rob & Beth… 

James Wren – The Man You’re Not

Delighted to share the enormous amount of accolades this film is accruing…

The Man You’re Not

Charlie is unlucky in love. After a string of failed relationships where he is told he is “too nice”, his friends decide to take action. They sign him up to a number of dating websites as different people and he has to go on dates pretending to be someone else in order to learn how to ‘Man up’.  Charlie enters a whole new world of one night stands and begins to see what he has been missing. But will he lose who he really is, and fail to see what’s right in front of him?

Cast includes: James Wren, Mark Lyminster, Fergus March, Marny Godden, Felicity Wren, Alex Kirk, Matthew Wright, Reece Shearsmith, Adam Hills & Joanna Lumley.

Screenplay: Alan Freestone, Fergus March & James Wren
Directed by Alan Freestone
Produced by Alan Freestone, Fergus March & James Wren


Best British Feature Film (London Independent Film Awards)

Best Feature (TMBT Film Awards)

Best Supporting Actress (Southampton International Film Festival)

Best Supporting Actor (Southampton International Film Festival)


Best Feature Film (Southampton International Film Festival)

Best Actor (Southampton International Film Festival)

Best Editing (Southampton International Film Festival)

Best Screenplay (Southampton International Film Festival)

Best Screenplay (TMBT Film Awards)



Dan March in today’s Doctor’s….

Tune into this afternoon’s Doctor’s on BBC1 or on iplayer and see Dan March in action…..

Debra Tammer

Delighted to welcome Debra to the CHM fold… Click on her biog for more details!



Sydney Stevenson – Voices from Home




Voices From Home returns to the Old Red Lion Theatre with a brand new selection of regional writers, following a sold out first edition. Featuring a electric mix of new writing and spoken word theatre, Voices From Home provides a platform for emerging regional writers to showcase their craft.

Presented by multi-award-winning Broken Silence Theatre, the festival is a celebration of unheard voices from the South East, enabling new and emerging talent to work side by side to create an exhilarating evening of new writing.

Sydney’s presenting M** & Women and we can’t wait to see it come to life!

Can you spot a familiar face in this Johnny English Strikes Again behind-the-scenes glimpse..?

Clue is in the photo…!!!

#gojohnnygo #godannygo #johnnyenglish

Dan March in A Night in Provence

Ah Provence! Ah The French Riviera! Where optimistic holidaymakers rent luxury villas for exhorbitant sums in order to get their annual fix of sun, sea, and haute cuisine. However, imagine the crisis if one such sumptuous place was double booked. Worse – imagine it triple booked! By a French couple – Maurice & Yvette; an English couple – Fred & Judy; and begorrah, an Irish couple – Shaun & Moira. Marriages have floundered on less. Add the ingredients of copious amounts of sparkling champagne, heightened sexual attractions, to say nothing of deep-seated cultural differences, all this makes the current Brexit negotiations seem a snip!

Dan plays Shaun in what promises to be a hilarious night at the theatre… Get your tickets here