Mike Totton

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More Late Night Gimp Fight dates for 2018….

See the Gimps live in 2018….

Jo Burke

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Shaista Aziz on Lovett or Leave it…

Trump rejects a bipartisan immigration deal and has all of us saying “shithole” over and over again. Hawaii is hit with a false alarm. And royals have some racist brooches. Live from London, Trump may not have felt welcome here but we sure did! Stephen Merchant, Shaista Aziz, and Nish Kumar join Jon at Cadogan Hall to kick off the first Lovett or Leave It of 2018. What a week…

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Sydney Stevenson is Fairy Petit Pois in Beauty and the Beast…

A selfish Prince is taught a rather beastly lesson by a magical Fairy. He is forced to live in a cursed castle until he can learn to love and be loved in return.

Briar Rose (known as Beauty) lives in Welwyn Jardin De La Ville, with her slightly off the wall father, her brother Pano and her nursemaid Dame Dolly, who is on the hunt for a suitable suitor (look out gentlemen). Everyone is planning a special birthday celebration for Beauty and she is very excited.

When the dashingly handsome, but extremely vain Baguette seeks her hand in marriage, Beauty is adamant she is not ready and when she is, it will only be for love.

A trip to the next village with her father, Professor Cassoulet sees them accidently crossing into the Beast’s kingdom, leading to the capture of the Professor. Although she initially escapes, Beauty returns with back up and takes the Professor’s place in the Castle, knowing she can never leave.

Is the Castle enchanted? Can Dame Dolly succeed in finding her man? Will the Beast learn to love? Will Beauty see the goodness inside him before the last rose petal falls? Or will Baguette get his wish and ruin any chance for happiness?

A selfish Prince is taught a rather beastly lesson by a magical Fairy. He is forced to live in a cursed castle until he can learn to love and be loved in return.


Director: Helen Crosse
Musical Director: Lawrence Michalowski
Choreography: Fay Liberty
Written by: Brad Fitt
Cast: Michael Totton – Dame Dolly, Mitchell Lathbury – Prince/Beast, Matthew Curnier – Pano Chocolate, Laura Potter – Beauty,  Sydney Stevenson – Fairy Petit Pois, Mike Scurfield – Professor Cassoulet, Will Guppy – Baguette

Rich Keeble in The Rebel

Rich features in Episode 2 of The Rebel, starring Simon Callow, on Gold – next Wednesday at 10pm…

Late Night Gimp Fight for Christmas

The washed-up boy band of sketch comedy are returning to Soho Theatre with their first new show in four years. Now in their thirties and with no other career options they have decided to abandon their wives, jobs and in one case their child, to jump back in the gimpy saddle.

Strap yourselves in for a blistering hour of dark sketches, dirty songs and disgraceful nudity. It’s the ultimate alternative Christmas party.

“A riotous, rollicking, all-singing, all-dancing celebration of bad-taste comedy”

“The sketches are amazing. The songs are hilarious. The collective atmosphere is intoxicating. You will laugh until you hurt, and then plough on through the pain. I genuinely cannot recommend it enough.”

“Pacy, punchy and with a good line in dirty … perfectly formed pearls of comedy”


Of course British Muslims are being held back. This is an Islamophobic country…

Read Shaista Aziz’s article here

Alistair Barrie

has a weekend performing at London’s finest, The Comedy Store, doubling up with Chiswick’s marvellous Headliners.

Catch him if you can…!

***** Late Night Gimp Fight

They might not be at the Fringe for the whole run, but earmark a  night of your weekend to see the boys in action…