Shaista Aziz

has contributed to this beautiful new book of British Muslim Women’s writings. Edited by Sabrina Mahfouz and published by Saqi books it is available to buy now….


Charlie Partridge

Delighted to welcome Charlie Partridge to the CHM fold!  Click here for his new showreel

RESTING – the web series….

It’s been a few years in the editing but it’s finally here…!

Featuring our very own SYDNEY STEVENSON, click here for the first episode…


Warm & Ashdown

I don’t have a problem with people knowing I was born in 1990 (ahem) but I suspect this will resonate with others….!

Warm & Ashdown

Ben Green’s

always busy….  Catch Ben on Webscam (2LE Media)

His own sketch too




BADD by Carrie Marx

The 1980s. America is gripped by Satanic Panic.

Secret rituals and devilish practices are taking place across the country, destroying the minds and lives of the American youth. But the most diabolically terrifying threat of all is Dungeons & Dragons: for some just an innocent role-playing game, but viewed by many as a gateway to corruption, violence, and SATAN. Thankfully, the forces of good are fighting back…

You are invited to attend this inaugural meeting of B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons) to learn how best to protect your children from the clutches of the occult.

Written and performed by Carrie Marx, BADD is a darkly comic presentation on the multitude of Satanic threats hidden in seemingly innocuous everyday objects and media. It is part theatrical lecture; part participatory brainstorming session.

Inspired by true events.

Premiering at The Vaults Festival, 1-5 March, 21.30 each night – buy tickets here: BADD tickets


James Wren…

…has won Best Actor in a Foreign Feature for THE TRAP at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky – alongside 4 other acolades for the same movie!
ALPHA PAPA meets THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE in this high-octane comedy horror.
Two very different groups arrive at the same building on the same night. Both after the same loot, a hoard of ancient treasure buried deep within a vast, abandoned Victorian bathhouse. One is a group of professional cat burglars. Hardened, experienced, and on one last mission before retirement. The other … well, not so professional. A bunch of misfit, unemployed youngsters on a team building exercise.
But neither group’s ready for the horrors they encounter…
THE TRAP – You Will Have Your Sides Split.
Written by Alan Freestone, Fergus March & James Wren
Directed by Fergus March
Produced by Alan Freestone, Fergus March & James Wren

Rich Keeble Vanity Project Christmas Special

The award winning RKVP’s Christmas Special is here!




The Men from the Ministry are BACK!

Come back with us to the late sixties and see this way-ahead-of-its-time comedy programme, complete with the occasional cock-ups, the original warm-up and incredible sound-effects… nostalgic and very, very funny.

Men From The Ministry was a classic BBC radio comedy that was broadcast from 1962 to 1977, a total of fourteen series and 147 shows. It was often seen as the first Yes Minister; uproariously funny and often bitingly satirical.

Set in the fictitious ‘General Assistance Department’ the premise of bowler hatted twittery within the confines of the British Civil Service appealed to audiences all over the world.

This theatrical version stars SYDNEY STEVENSON and contains three extended versions of the radio scripts, written by two of the original writers.

Directed by Michael Kingsbury.

Performance dates:
3rd – 14th January 2017

Tuesday –Friday 7:30pm, Saturday 2:30pm, 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm

Tickets £15/£12 conc.

Tickets are here!

Shaista Aziz – Pause for Thought

Shaista Aziz has just finished recording her BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thoughts scripts.
The first broadcast goes out on Dec 30th.
She referenced Mahmoud Darwish, Audre Lorde aaaaand the mighty Wu Tang Clan, but obviously not in the same script, because that much awesomeness would’ve made the wireless combust. And that would be TERRIBLE for integration!